The PTO is an organization of parents and teachers of Angell Elementary.   Our goals are to:

  • Foster a sense of support, pride and enthusiasm for Angell
  • Encourage parent and public involvement in the Angell School
  • Bring home and school closer together to encourage the cooperation of parents and teachers in service of our children’s education

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The Nest Swings have been installed on the playground – come by to see how much the kids love them! Thank you to the entire community for supporting our PTO Walk-A-Thon fundraiser which supported getting these great additions to the playground!

This Week at Angell 


  • We still need a few more volunteers for International Night! Sign up here. We have the following needs:
    1. Bring a dish to share for the potluck style World Buffet
    2. Help set-up the World Market and World Buffet (30 minutes after school) or clean-up after the event (30 minutes after the event)
  • The Book Fair is coming next week! The Scholastic Book Fair will be held from April 25-27, including Thursday evening during International Night, in the Angell Library. Did you know that up to 50% of the price of the books that are purchased at the Book Fair are returned back to the school to buy new books for our students? The Book Fair is our yearly fundraiser to support our library and classrooms’ book supplies. Appealing new titles and well maintained classroom books keep the students excited about reading!

Your student will preview the Book Fair with their class and create a wish list. They will bring the wish list home to share with you and you can decide how to proceed on purchasing books or not from that list. You are under no obligation to purchase products. If you choose to purchase any books, you can either:

o    Your student will preview the Book Fair with their class and create a wish list. They will bring the wish list home to share with you and you can decide how to proceed on purchasing books or not from that list. You are under no obligation to purchase products. If you choose to purchase any books, you can either:

o    Send money back to school with your student so that he/she can make a purchase during the school day (be sure to add 6% sales tax) 

o   Make your purchase online (enter the school’s zip code 48104 and click Angell). The online book fair will be available April 19-May 2.

o   Note: If a title runs out during the Book Fair, your student can still purchase the book and it will be delivered to them at school within a week

  • See you at International Night on Thursday, April 27th from 6:30-8:30pm! Come celebrate Angell’s rich cultural diversity and learn about cultures and traditions from our friends around the world! Highlights about this special evening include:
    • Parade of Nations – The evening begins at 6:30pm with the Parade of Nations, an Olympic-style event held in the auditorium of Angell’s neighbor, New Life Church. Any kids who would like to participate may march with a sign and the flag of their country. This may be their country, or the country of their parents or other ancestors. Teachers and parents help the kids line up alphabetically, and when Mr. Court reads the name of their country, they get up on the stage and Mr. Court reads a few facts about their country.  Traditional dress is encouraged, but not necessary. We provide the sign and the flag.  You must sign up in order to march in the parade!  If you do not sign up your child in advance, we will ask him/her to sit in the audience.
    • World Market - Visit the bazaar-style World Market to learn about other countries in the gymnasium after the Parade of Nations.
    • World Buffet - Bring a dish to share and sample foods from other parts of the world. We hope to have dishes representing the various parts of the world. For your convenience, you can drop off your dish at the parent pick-up area before going to the Parade of Nations. We will bring the dish into the school for you.
  • Classroom Displays - Visit the Classroom Displays on the 1st and 2nd floors of the school building after the Parade of Nations. The teachers and students have been working hard on their classroom studies and the classes set up beautiful displays. Students can pick up an International Night Passport after the Parade of Nations and get their “passports” stamped at each of the displays. They can also pick We are running low on a few essential materials in the art room. If you can help, please send in donations of:
    • White construction paper 12" x 18" (High quality, like Riverside or TruRay brands)
    • Elmer's School Glue (a gallon)
    • Crayola Broad Line markers (basic, rainbow colors)
    • up a sheet and answer the questions about the displays.  Enter the completed sheets in a raffle for a $15 gift certificate to a local book store, Bookbound!
    • Questions? email angellinternationalnight@gmail.com or click here
  • Please Support Angell!  If you haven’t already this school year, please pay your PTO dues. We have not reached our PTO dues collection goal for this year and these funds support numerous enrichment programs and community building activities that benefit all Angell students, parents, and staff. Read all about it here. You can send your dues via check to Angell PTO (memo dues) in to your child's teacher or place your payment in the Treasurer's mailbox under the TV monitor at school OR you can pay online here (please note: PayPal deducts 3% from your contribution if you use the online option).
    • Any amount you can contribute is welcomed - recommended amounts are $50 per child at Angell for active PTO volunteers (if you volunteer 10+ hours/year) or $150 per child if not an active PTO volunteer (discounts of $275 for 2 children or $375 for 3+ children at Angell)

    Additional Requests and More information . . .

    Upcoming Events and Key Dates  

    4/24-4/28 Book Fair 
    4/27 International Night (6:30-8:00pm at Angell)
    5/2 No School (Election Day)

    In closing, please remember to support Angell Elementary by shopping at the PTO Thrift Shop – see the attached flyer. For more information, visit our website at angellpto.org or please feel free to contact the Angell PTO with any questions by emailing us at president@angellpto.org

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    PTO Annual Dues

    Dues and donations can be made online via PayPal or checks made payable to "Angell PTO" may be sent in to your child's teacher or left in the Treasurer's mailbox across from the school office. 

    Checks are preferred due to 3% PayPal service charge. 

    Recommended Amounts 

    • $50 per child at Angell for PTO volunteers (10+ hours / year)
    • $150 per child if not volunteering
    • Discounts of $275 for 2 and $375 for 3+ children

    *PayPal and Google Wallet charge the PTO 2.2% +$0.30 per transaction so checks are preferred.