5th Grade Graduation

Coordinator: NEEDED! Please contact if interested!

Event Description
At the end of one's journey through Angell and to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in one's life we hold a graduation for the 5th graders. It is a simple but lovely event where parents get to see their child "graduate" just as they would at a high school graduation, to celebrate the student, and to look back fondly on the years at Angell.

Task Information (for volunteers)
We need a parent to take on 5th grade graduation! The job is to organize the graduation itself, not a party to celebrate the event. There is always a reception immediately after the ceremony, and many other parties are done privately. The reception after graduation is hosted by the 4th grade families and usually includes cake, lights snacks and lemonade or something.

The person in charge of organizing 5th grade graduation needs to get t-shirts for the 5th graders (some design and the kids’ names are usually on it), make (or find someone to make) the diploma certificates, prepare the program and decide on decorations, if any. Minimal decorations are fine to avoid overdoing it. Someone usually puts together a slide show with or without a DVD to hand out to the graduates. Please contact the PTO treasurer for the planning budget.

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5th Grade Graduation