Angell's annual Book Drive and Exchange

Coordinator:     Patty Smith      phone: 734.474.3715

Date:                  April 25th 2014 - during school hours

Event Description
It is time to clean off those shelves and empty your closets! Save your books for this springtime event! Children swap their books with each other at school.

This year the book exchange will take place on April 25th 2014 during school hours.

We will start to collect books on March 31st. Kids can drop off any old text books, fiction and non fiction books in the box in front of room 213. 

Organizing Tasks (for volunteers)
Most of the work for this event takes place the day of the book exchange. We need help organize the process of setting out the books, facilitating kids looking through them and picking out what they'd like, and arranging the leftovers for donation to various sources.
Contact Patty Smith phone: 734.474.3715