Boxtops for Education

Event Coordinator: Nancy Edwards & Alissa Beveridge

Fundraiser Description

Box Tops for Education started by General Mills in 1996, provides 10 cents per box top found on participating products and on-line shopping. Angell receives two checks per year deadlines to submit October 31st and March 31st

Organizing Tasks (for Volunteers)

Angell Coordinator Duties:
    (a) collecting, counting and submitting paper box tops to BTFE monthly
    (b) encouraging parents to collect tops throughout the year (including summer)
    (c) promote by email the BTFE website and encourage parents to register.

Organize creative contests to increase student participation throughout the year ie class against class with prizes like popcorn, ice cream.

***we asked for 5 volunteers last year for serving popcorn to the kids at lunch***

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