Picture Day

Event coordinator:     Elizabeth Engstrom (

Date:                          Monday October 7th 2013

                                                         time approximately 8:30 am to 11:00 am

Families need to fill out and return the School Pictures order form that went home with your child on picture day (Monday October 7th). If you want to pay online for your pictures and just include the printed receipt, click here to enter your information (school ID: AA0407). Otherwise, you can just write a check to

Event Description:

Parents at Angell help on the day that the school pictures are taken of the kids to help get the kids to and from their classrooms for the pictures and to help reassure kids and get them looking "picture perfect" (or some approximation) for their picture.  

Organizing Tasks (for volunteers):

  • An event coordinator makes sure we have enough volunteers and helps organize them the day of.
  • At least least three volunteers total are needed. One goes to each classroom to get the students and the other two collect the order forms and help students line up as they enter the gym for pictures.
  • Volunteers arrive in the Angell gym by 8:30 am and stay until the photographers are finished, usually around 11:00 am.