Science Olympiad


Science Olympiad was created in 1983 by Dr. Gerard J. Putz and Jack Cairns to increase interest in science and as an alternative to traditional science fairs and single-discipline tournaments. It now has members in all 50 states, totaling more than 13,500 actively participating K-12 schools. The main goal of this program is for students to learn about science through active, hands-on, group participation. 


In the Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO), teams of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders from each of more than 30 area elementary schools in the region compete in several science-related events. Angell’s philosophy toward this program is heavily focused on the rich learning and collaborative experiences this type of event provides. 

Build and launch a rocket and have it safely parachute down (Water Rockets). Practice estimating weights and measures (Estimania). Build a boat, put coins on it to see how much weight it can carry before it sinks (Barge Building). Build basic electric circuits (Circuit Wizardry). Diagnose common diseases (Disease Detectives), and many, many more. Visit the WESO web page for the list of events and more information about this exciting event.


Student Registration Deadline

Registration for the Science Olympiad is requested by February 8th (Jan 31 for In Bloom, GENE-ius and No Bones About It).

Please contact if you have any questions.


Pick your favorite three to five events, and the coordinators will try to make sure everyone can participate in an event they like. Competing teams are small (1 to 5 students for each event and grade), but there are many events.

Registration Information

1.  Fill out the online Registration Form.  You will be able to choose the events your child(ren) is are interested in.ll

2.  The online Practice Schedule is available here.

3.   All participants must provide a completed Emergency Card for coaches to have on hand.

4.   A completed Participant Release / Photo Permission Form required.

5.   Send in your suggested donation of $10.00 if you already have your t-shirt or $15.00 if you do not. These funds off set the cost of purchasing t-shirts which are a requirement of participation and to help purchase the raffle basket, supplies etc. The raffle basket is a fundraiser for WESO to help pay for the cost of the day of the event.

6.   Send in all  forms and your donation to school in an envelope marked Science Olympiad. Please include the student(s) name on the envelope. You can put them in the box marked Science Olympiad across from school office.  Checks should be made payable to Angell PTO.

Or you can email the completed forms to and send your donation via Venmo to Xianli Tang@Xianli-Tang. Please indicate the transaction is for Angell Science Olympiad and include the student’s name.


Coach/Team Information

Volunteer coaches help the students apply a variety of scientific facts, concepts, processes, and applications to solve problems. No coaching experience is necessary, only a willingness to learn and help out.

·   Teams meet weekly between late February and mid-May to prepare for the event.

·   Practices may be after school hours or on the weekends at Angell School, depending on coach availability. The Science Olympiad planning committee will help coaches schedule their weekly practice session.  

·  The 2019 Science Olympiad Tournament will take place on May 11, 2019 at Pioneer High School.



Science Olympiad is one of the biggest events that we help to coordinate. Parents with a child(ren) participating in team practices or the day of the event are required to commit to a volunteer position. There are many opportunities to volunteer for this wonderful program. Many of the events need coaches who will meet with the kids once a week during the practice season to work on their skill. We also need volunteers to supervise the Angell table at the event, to help with the actual games during the Olympiad, and to help clean up after the event. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Science Olympiad Planning Committee at