Talent Show

Event Coordinators 

Karen Strickler     
Shahrzad Patterson  

Date                   Wednesday, February 8th, New Life Church 6-7:30 pm

Event Description
This is a fun, non-competitive event where kids get to show off their special talents. Some of the many wonderful acts in the past have been singing, hula hooping, a jump rope routine, skits, percussion performance, gymnastics, magic tricks, cultural dance…. the list goes on and on with fun, creative ideas! All child-appropriate acts/music are welcome! Instrumental performances are limited to 1 minute while other acts are limited to 2 minutes. 

Mandatory rehearsal:              Tuesday, February 7th, 4-6 pm, New Life Church (next to Angell School)

SHOW:                                        Wednesday, February 8th,, 6-7:30 pm, New Life Church
                                                     Tickets: $7 family/$3 individual

Please encourage your child to participate to make this a success! Parent helpers are needed to help this event go smoothly. All ticket sale proceeds for this event will support Angell school and concession sales will support the 5th grade end-of-year trip. You can order a DVD of the performance if we find a DVD coordinator. 

Please use the link below to sign up for the talent show and the bake sale (use the 1st tab to sign up to participate or volunteer for the show, use the 2nd tab to sign-up to contribute baked goods for the bake sale).  Any questions, please refer to the PTO website or contact Shahrzad Patterson at  or Karen Strickler at