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PTO Thrift Shop

Coordinator: Hadise Kabil

Event Description
The PTO Thrift Shop is a warehouse on 2280 S. Industrial Highway in Ann Arbor, much like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. People can donate all sorts of items which are then sold in the shop. The proceeds are divided up in various ways to support Ann Arbor Public Schools. We earn substantial money from the Thrift Shop who pays for transportation to our enrichment activities (e.g., class trip busses), and gives us money for advertising their store in the school and in the materials we post online and send home to parents. During the "Support Your School" week, three specific AAPS schools are selected to earn bonus money from purchases made in the store that week. Shoppers earn one token per $5 spent and then place their token in one of the three jars, which are later converted to cash and given to the school.

We need you to donate items to the PTO Thrift Shop (M-F 10-6, S 10-5, S 12-4) and then also shop there, especially on the weeks where Angell receives the tokens (M-F 9-7, S 9-6, Su 11-5).

The current Support Your School week has not yet been scheduled.

Organizing Tasks (for volunteers)
The coordinator for this event arranges a few weeks a year for the PTO to host Angell School as one of three schools that can earn bonus money for purchases made that week. They also arrange for the PTO Thrift Shop flyers to be posted where appropriate to generate the maximum revenue through those ad sales.

Please contact Hadise at with questions or to volunteer to help.