Enrichment Program

Listed below is an overview of the activities that are typically provided through the Angell Enrichment Program.


Scientific Drawing - We provided 5 hours of drawing instruction to all three classes. This was in addition to the art instruction provided by the district. (Grade 3)

University of Michigan Museum of Art - Thirteen classes visited UMMA for docent-led tours. Tour themes included Spring Into Art, Shape Up, Art on the Move, My Community, Light it up!, History Mysteries, Regions of the United States, Writing for Understanding and Science Sleuths. (Grades K-5)


Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra - Seven classes attended the AASO Youth Concert, The Orchestra Rocks. Students participated in the concert by singing and playing their recorders. Preparation was done by Katie Ryan, our vocal music teacher. (Grades 3-5)

Ann Arbor Symphony Instrument Petting Zoo - Students get to play instruments (cello, clarinet, trumpet, flute). (Kindergarten)

University Musical Society Youth Concert - Three classes attended a performance by Ragamala Dance at Hill Auditorium. Students also participated in pre- and post- performance workshops. (Grade 2)

Wild Swan Theater - Four classes attended a performances of Frog and Toad or Strega Nona and the Magic Pot. (Grades K-1)

Storyteller - All classes took part in a presentation by storyteller L’Ron Williams.

Social Studies

Henry Ford Museum - Seven classes visited the Henry Ford Museum and the two 5th grades also visited a special exhibit entitled “Pixar.” (Grades 3-5)

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History - Two classes took part in a docent-led tour of the permanent exhibits. (Grade 5)

Wasems Apple Orchard - Two classes toured the orchard and cider-making facility to learn about a food that is grown and processed locally. (Kindergarten)

Farm to School - Local farmers visited seven classrooms to talk about how they raise the food we eat. (Grades K-2)

Cobblestone Farm - Two classrooms took part in interactive activities at a pioneer farm. (Grade 3)

Chelsea Milling Co./Tantre Farm - Three classes toured the factory to learn how Jiffy Mixes are produced and food is produced on a farm. (Grade 2)

Native American Experience - Gary Ghareeb shared artifacts and information with three classes about Native Americans who lived in the Great Lakes area. (Grade 3)

Mystery Class - Students in five classes took part in a 10 week quest, using length of day and geography clues provided on-line, to determine the location of 10 mystery sites. (Grades 3/4)

Clark Library (Maps) - Students in three classes were given an orientation to maps and a tour of the map library by the Clark Library librarian. (Grade 3)

Primates in Uganda - Three classes attended a presentation by doctoral students studying primates in Africa. (Grades 2)

Science and Math

Healthy Hearts - Two classes learned how the heart works and the importance of developing healthy lifestyle habits at an interactive workshop at the Michigan Heart and Vascular Institute. (Grade 5)

University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History - Three classes visited the planetarium and did some sketching of birds. (Grade 3)

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum Outreach Program - Six classes took part in hands-on workshops entitled: Sound, States of Matter, and Wind Energy. (Grades 1, 4, and 5)

Leslie Science and Nature Center Outreach Program - Ten classes took part in hands-on experiences with animals. Topics included: Nature’s Recyclers; Fur, Feathers, and Scales; Walking down a Food Chain; and Hunters of the Sky. (Grades 1-4)

Exploration Station - Two classes took part in a health exploration entitled “Inside You.” (Kindergarten)

UM TIES Energy/Environment tour at Dana Building - Two classes took part in a tour and workshops about sustainability and environmentally responsible behavior.

(Grade 4)

Streamside - Two classes traveled to Island Park to do various tests on Huron River water with Huron Watershed Council volunteers. (Grade 4)

Wee Recyclers - Two classes took part in a workshop presented by a representative from the Ecology Center. (Kindergarten)

DTE Energy - Two classes attended a workshop on how to save energy in the home. (Grade 4)

SHOCK - Students from the U of M presented skits encouraging students not to use drugs of any kind. (Grade 5)